So, we are planning a trip.  The planning came on suddenly, as we had no idea that we would be leaving for Europe by the end of the year.  However, some situations have occurred that have deemed it not only possible, but down right necessary–well almost.  In any event, Europe appears to be a go!

I know, I have not been to Europe.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, those that know me know that I love to go places and Europe is usually first on everyone’s list.  I’ve been to North America, South America, Antarctica, and Australia–and now we are going across the pond!  At first, we thought Africa and Spain, but we couldn’t make the flights work under our budget. You see, my girlfriend needs to spend around $800 dollars to get to GOLD status on Delta, and I have enough miles for a free flight for myself.  Combine this with our IHG hotel points, and we thought we had a trip to Morocco and Barcelona.  However, the flight times just were…well…horrific!  So, with a little more research we narrowed it down to 7 nights in 2 cities–Amsterdam/Paris to Budapest/Athens.  I voted Budapest over Athens, because, well who doesn’t want to save Greece until the summertime!  We have decided to go with Amsterdam and Budapest.

And now, we need your help!  Where do we stay the extra night, Holland or Hungary?  I am leaning Budapest for three reasons:  it’s 110% less expensive, day trip to Vienna, and a river cruise through Buda and Pest!  Yes, Budapest is actually two cities divided by the Danube.  I really hope I am not the only person that didn’t know that!  If anyone has been to either of these places, help!  What’s a must?!  What’s a must-not?  Dinner cruise on the Danube seems fabulous…but we really have no clue about either place.  Help please!!  All comments are welcome!

Oh, and I’ll need a new carry on.  I was thinking of this one…any advice?  Click it for details!