It’s 1,170 miles from our house to Susan’s parents’ house in Virginia.  That is far…believe me, I know.  I have driven it–in a bouncing Uhaul of some twenty feet long.  Bumpity bump, bumpity bump!

Last weekend, it didn’t take quite as long.  Using miles from my United account, I scored a flight to visit my sweetheart and her parents for $1.80!  I am so glad I went.

On Friday, we didn’t do much. Flying exhausts me and we just hung out at the house.  The next day, we went to Mountain Lake.  This is the hotel where much of the film Dirty Dancing was filmed.  Sadly, the lake has dried up since 1987, but the hotel and grounds are still pretty.  I wish they would refill the lake somehow, it would make the places absolutely gorgeous.  We had lunch there and then took a walk onto the property.  Recognize the pic?  It’s Baby’s cabin!

Sunday was a field trip of sorts.  We ventured across the border into West Virginia for a Sunday sermon.  Now, I have been to church before, many different ones:  Baptist, Church of Christ, Mormon, Lutheran, Catholic, Non-Denominational, etc etc.  But I think this was my first trip to a God-Fearing Southern Baptist event!  To say I enjoyed the sermon would be a lie, but I did enjoy meeting people that I have never met, and I especially enjoyed the after-church lunch at Susan’s cousin’s house.  Yep, meet-the-entire-family time!

Her Aunt Silvi cooked all except the yummy banana pudding that Susan’s mom made.  Her mom also made coleslaw, but no one likes coleslaw and if they say they do then they are lying.  But the banana pudding was excellent!  We had pork loin, and fried chicken strips, pulled pork sandwiches, potatoes, green beans, dessert–it was a real Southern feast!  Just like you read about in history books or see in old movies–Sunday church and the aftermeal!  Well, I thought they did this every Sunday, but it turns out that it was also a birthday party.  Oh well, I still had a great time!  The whole family was super nice to me, and seeing the little children run about and play made me smile.

After the party, Susan and I ventured deep into the Appalachia region.  You see, her dad owns some 200 acres in the middle of the mountains and she built a cabin there.  Off the grid, no electricity, no running water.  Camping?  Meh.  You know I am not a fan of that!  Although I have been once.  With a group of guys for two nights down the White River in Arkansas.  A canoe trip.  It was…different.  I prefer a nice hotel or B&B, a hot shower, a spa, a hot tub, and clean sheets.  The cabin was not camping.  It was lovely.  No TV, no phone, no lights, no distractions.  No checking fantasy football scores or Twitter.  Quiet time.  Time to relax, time to talk about the future, or nothing at all.  We listened to the locusts and the sound of rain.  It was perfect.

Monday I had to return home to Texas (the flights home were horrendous, but that’ll be another post).  I enjoyed my visit, and am really happy that her parents accept me.  I am excited for them to come for our wedding in a couple months.  I am also excited to go back to visit.  It may be over 1,000 miles away, but they made me feel at home–thank you.


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