$300 Giveaway!

Yes, the title is correct. I am giving away $300 in credit to my next poker night.  I am guessing 0 or 1 person will qualify, although I am making it very easy to be eligible, so prove me wrong please! Read on for details.

First, you must follow me on both Twitter  and be a Facebook friend.  You can get to both of these pages by clicking on the social media icons on the top right of any of my posts, or by clicking the links in this paragraph.  That’s the easy part!  If you don’t belong to a social media site and you really really don’t want to join one, and you follow my blog then you can text me and I may let you slide on the Twitter/FB requirements.  After all, if you have my phone number and follow me, then that should work!  However, I am trying to gain more Twitter followers, so try and help please.

Second, I will be asking various questions in my new posts (including this post) about previous posts.  These will be fairly easy to answer.  To answer, leave a comment on my page with the answer.  All comments must be approved, so keep it clean please!  Simply tweeting me or FB messaging me the answer will not suffice.  I’ll need an easy way to review and comments directly on my site are easiest.

Lastly, you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to be eligible.  Whoever gets the most answers correct wins.  There will be no tricks and no hidden questions.  Simply one question per post from now until Friday, Sept 23.  If there is a two or three way tie, then the prize will be split evenly.  If four or more tie, then we will draw at 3pm on Saturday, September 24 for one winner unless all participants agree to an even split.  I try to post three times per week at least, and every post is posted on Twitter and Facebook.  So following along will be very simple.  I hope all of you get all the questions correct!

I do reserve the right to alter this promotion but I see no reason why I would.  Good luck everyone!  And the first question is:  at which restaurant did I get free juice?