A Clear Fold?

I was invited to a new game last week, Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better, located right smack in the middle of the 610 loop around Houston.  I try not to venture much farther south than where I live.  I mean, this is a big reason why I quit my day job nearly a month ago, the commute through Houston is just ugh!  Nevertheless, I went.  I like the people that run the place and was glad to get an invite.  Besides, there really isn’t much traffic at two in the afternoon.

I arrived yesterday to start the game and got off to a quick start; thanks to trusting my read by snap calling two all-ins on the turn with one pair of Nines and it holding.  I picked up a few more small pots, lost a few pots, then looked up this guy twice in a row when he had the stone nuts.  A few hours into the session, I had double starting stack when this hand happened:  I am dealt the A♣ 4♥ T♥ 9♣ in late position.  A few players limp, I limp, the button raises to $26, the first limper moves all-in for a short $40, an above average player (Needles) calls, I call, the button calls.  The flop bring us the A♠ 9♥ 5♥.  Needles checks, I bet $50, the button calls, and Needles check raises to $200.  Effective stacks are ~$700, the button is clearly folding, but she only has about $150 anyway.  I have top two pair and a ten high flush draw.  While I am more than likely ahead, I am not sure what I want on the turn other than an Ace or a Nine.  At first, this seemed to me to be a tough spot, but after thinking for a bit I think it’s a clear fold.  Any thoughts?  This is, after all, hi lo.  Do I really want to go up against a hand like 235x?  And what if he has hearts also?  Finally, I decide to throw my hand away, all the while cursing myself for betting the turn and not taking a free card.  The button also folds.  Would you have thrown this hand away or went to war?  Consider the fact that there are several weaker spots on the table than Needles.  Answer this before reading the spoiler below.




Spoiler:  Needles shows the 2♠ 3♠ J♥ 8♥.  If he shows me this hand I think I still fold.  Too bad I didn’t check the flop because the turn was the 9♠! Gah!  The river bricked off and the all-in short player won with a pair of Queens.  I think it’s a profitable fold in the long run.

$300 Giveaway Question (see previous post for details, it’s not too late to win!):  What two cards where in my fiancee’s hand when she won the tournament to get us to Cambodia?