A Fishy Audible

Date night!  I am so lucky to have a wife that likes to spend time with me–just doing anything. Staying in, going out, being silly–anything. So lucky.

I decided to take her out for a nice dinner before her dreaded dental procedure two days later. Poor thing. She’s so afraid; but is finally going to end the pain and slay her dentophobia. To (pre)celebrate, I took her to Jasper’s in The Woodlands, TX.  We had never been there. Well, turns out she had. Long ago for a conference. Whatever!

We got dressed up. And yes babe, your new jeans (that actually fit) make you look hot!  I had my mind made up:  flat iron steak with mushrooms. It just sounded good!  I knew she would go with prime rib. It’s her fav and it fits with her no carb diet. Well that’s settled. Wait. Not so fast. “Our special today is a succulent rainbow trout, skin on, blackened over a bed of broccolini and arugula.  Served with arancini.”  Well yeah!  Who doesn’t want fried risotto balls! I called the audible and switched to the special. YUM!

My sweetheart loved her prime rib and my fish and Italian heaven was delish!  The atmosphere was nice and sleek, the food outstanding, and the service…excellent.

If you haven’t been, go to Jasper’s!  We loved it for our night out. And that dental procedure went fine!  I’m so proud of you babe. Now you won’t hurt in two weeks when we are in Bali!