A Pair is Overrated

In poker, most players like to start with something…big cards, a pair, a good combination of both.  After all, a pair is hard to make!  At the local game today, I saw a very interesting hand take place.

The pot was raised by Fireman to 60 before the flop, and five players called.  The flop came J♣ 2♠ 4.  Everyone checked to Fireman and he put in a bet of 360.  Garfield called, and Buddha called.  The turn was the 8d, completing the rainbow.  Garfield checked, Buddha thought a while and went all in for 880.  Fireman moved in for 1500 more, and Garfield called.  WOW.  A LOT OF ACTION!  

With no more betting, the hands were revealed.  Fireman and Garfield had the exact same  hand–3567.  A huge straight draw.  No matter what Buddha has, they have a fair amount of cards that will win the hand.  Or so they thought.  Buddha turned over the T956.  WHAT?!  Yep, Ten-High is in the lead.  And the best part, Fireman and Garfield could only catch one of four remaining Aces, one 5, or one 6 to win the pot.  WOW.  The river bricked and Ten-High took the pot!  Just wow!

Some players wait all day for a pair of Aces to move all in, but, as you see, a pair is highly overrated!


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