Absent and New Policy

Hi followers.  I want to apologize for my absence of late.  Since I began this blog several months ago, I have just been fluttering like a butterfly–writing about this and that and that and this.  No real structure.  I have poker posts, trip posts, political posts, raves, rants, product reviews and so on.  My followers have had no real sense of what is going on…but really, WHAT IS GOING ON?!

For the past couple weeks I have been in Europe with my lovely wife.  We experienced the wonders of Amsterdam and the Christmas spirit of Budapest.  I will be writing about that later.  But for know, here is a schedule for my followers (and myself) to stick by:

  • Sunday–Poker
  • Monday–Life and Travel
  • Tuesday–Product or Review
  • Wednesday–Politics, Religion, and Touchy Subjects
  • Thursday–Hodgepodge
  • Friday–Rant
  • Saturday–Brags and Raves

I am going to do my best to post every single day!  If I will be “out of office” I will let you all know the day before.  Happy reading!  Tomorrow’s hodgepodge will be about our trip to Europe!  See you all tomorrow!