Blabbery of Ignorance

I usually don’t go political. I am not even sure if this is political. Actually, it’s not. It’s a cry to stop the blabbery of ignorance by supporters and haters of either political party by using a very dark topic–abortion. ┬áStop with the third trimester abortion memes and stop showing your ignorance. It’s perfectly okay to be ignorant; it is not okay to speak on a topic of which you have no knowledge.

I am very tired of people saying that Hillary is pro-abortion up to the day of delivery. I am NOT a Hillary supporter by any means. I am just very tired of the blabbery of ignorance in this country.

Expectant mothers who get this “abortion” in the third trimester isn’t an abortion by choice like college girls get because they got pregnant by accident. These women wanted to get pregnant. They are excited to become a mother. Their husband/boyfriend is excited. They have named this baby. They have loved this baby. And then, their world becomes dark. Their doctor has seen something on a test or an ultrasound or an exam that shows the baby won’t survive and neither will the mother unless the pregnancy is terminated. These women are devastated and sad. They didn’t just wake up, 8 months pregnant, after rubbing their tummy and feeling their baby kick and getting the nursery ready and decide to have an abortion by choice. So please, stop. If you want to not support Hillary, there are plenty of other things, but this is not it. Stop showing your ignorance by sharing “Hillary supports third trimester abortion” memes. It’s not true and all it does is hurt those women (and their husbands) that have had to endure such a horrible thing.