Airline Racket!

So we have booked our Euro trip!  We fly roundtrip from Houston to Budapest, with a connect in Amsterdam.  We are going to “miss” our connect, stay two nights in Amsterdam and fly one-way from Amsterdam to Budapest ($102 each).  Two nights in Amsterdam and five nights in Budapest all FREE courtesy of our IHG points.  This all sounds so great, and I am super excited for our little getaway (it will be my first trip to Europe).  However, airlines are nothing but a big racket and I am getting a little tired of it!

After scouring flight after flight and option after option, we found the best option for us and booked it.  But, what kind of logic is this:  A roundtrip flight from Houston to Budapest with a connect in Amsterdam is $820, but a non-stop from Houston to Amsterdam is over $1100???!! WHY?   Less gas, less time, more convenience?  GAH!

Also, the Delta meltdown yesterday…remember the power outage?  If not, then you weren’t traveling Delta that day!  My poor girlfriend’s dad and son were stuck in the Atlanta airport for FOREVER!  After calling Delta prior to leaving Houston to make sure everything was ok, they got to Atlanta perfectly.  Once in Atlanta, Delta decided to cancel all their flights to Virginia.  Why??  If they could get from Houston to Atlanta, why the cancellations?  The power was back on.  And then, Delta kept giving them hope, “You MAY get on the next flight at 7pm.”  CANCELLED!  “Well, maybe the 10pm.”  CANCELLED! “Well, maybe the 1am?”  CANCELLED!  What??  Why?  Because enough passengers cancelled their plans to not fill the flight from Atlanta to Roanoke.  At 7pm I was at dinner with my parents and my girlfriend and she was on, not one, not two, but THREE phones at once trying to sort it all out.  Finally, she got them on a flight from Atlanta to Charlotte and her mom had to drive 3 hours to pick them up–at 130am!  Oh wait…those flights got cancelled and they finally got to Charlotte at 6am!  Had Delta at least been honest, then they could’ve arranged for someone to drive 5 hours from VA to Atlanta and still be home way way earlier.  And for their troubles:  “here’s a $200 travel voucher.”  Seriously, this is the worst customer service ever, and a HUGE reason why I prefer driving to flying.

TSA lines, poor customer service, dishonest answers, and questionable pricing make me never want to give an airline another dollar–but I will, just like all of you.  Why?  Because a dinner river cruise on the Danube after a private couples massage and thermal bath is well worth it!

I’ll just be sure to bring my airplane pillow! //