Cash Giveaway Update

After three questions, it looks like it is going to be a three person raise to get the free $300.  I am a little disappointed that only three people are trying to win free money, when all you have to do is read and answer.  It’s not too late to join, as we have seen two of the three participants falter and miss a question.  It is still anyone’s game and anyone can win!

Current standings (W=correct answer, L=wrong answer, NA=no answer)

Name          W   L   NA  Win%
Luther        3   0   0   100
Wes           2   1   0   67
Lisa          2   0   1   67

Remember, it is not too late to join.  The final points will be tallied on Friday, September 23 and the winner gets $300!  To qualify, you must answer 80% correct.  At the end of every post, there is a question referencing previous posts–so simple!  Just leave a comment with the answer!  Also, if you shop Amazon, please click the link on my site to get to Amazon!  Shop Amazon by clicking here.

Question 4:  Which two European cities are we visiting in December?