Champagne on the House!

champagne-at-del-friscoLast night we celebrated. We ventured to the new, well new to us, Hughes Landing in The Woodlands.  A lovely little village with a restaurant row.  Several upscale and yummy eateries dot the landscape.  Beautifully lit Christmas trees for the fall and winter season line the streets.  It’s a great atmosphere.

I decided to take my sweetheart to Del Frisco’s.  She’s a steak lover, and, well, they are known for their steaks.  Let’s give it a try!  It did not disappoint.  In fact, it may have been the greatest place I have ever eaten.  Not because of the food, though don’t get me wrong, the food was fantastically delicious.  But the service.  Yes, the service.  OUTSTANDING!  The best I have ever encountered…ever.

We were greeted in the usual manner at any upscale dining establishment.  We were seated and our drink orders were taken immediately–the standard diet soda for her, unsweetened tea for me.  We asked for a brunch and dessert menu.  We have been searching for a great brunch place and have yet to find one.  Obviously, at 8pm at night, this was an odd request.  After conversing with the waitress on this very topic, and me telling her that we were celebrating our last date night as singles, she was more than happy to appease us.  Morgan, the waitress, hurriedly brought the menus and took our order.  My beautiful date had the ribeye, and I chose the prime sliced steak with jalepeno bacon mashed potatoes.

A few moments slipped by, and Morgan returned to our table.  “Do you two drink champagne?”  We exchanged an odd glance with each other and then she said, “because my manager would love to buy you both a glass of champagne to celebrate your upcoming wedding.”  Well of course!  Bring it on!  Who does that?  What a great place and a great gesture.  This was more than enough to make us want to return.


After a very yummy main course, we were ready for dessert.  It was a toss up betweenthe lemon cake and coconut cream pie.  We asked Morgan.  After all, she had given us great service so far, so surely she could help us out with this!  “Is the lemon cake good?”  “Yes, the best I have had.”  “Is it better than the coconut pie?”  “NOOO.  The coconut pie is the best!”  We decided to get both!  Oh my, we usually share, but why not!  Morgan brought us both, and then told us that one of them was on the house.  WHAT?!?!  This was over the top.  It was almost enough to get us to switch our wedding lunch/dinner to there!  We talked it over for a long while, and I believe if we had a little more time, we would switch!

Thank you Del Frisco’s for everything!  A great night and one of the most pleasurable dining experiences we have experienced.  And thanks Morgan for great service and for signing us up for the loyalty program.  I can’t wait to return, but next time, we will be newlyweds!  Everyone, if you haven’t been, go eat here!  It is delish!