Click the Nutcracker!

I love Christmas.  The songs, the decorations, the candies, the happy–all of it.  I have always liked the Nutcracker decorations the best.  I am not sure why–they are just very–something.  But I like them!  I collect them, well, I started last year anyway.

My wife has been away for 10 days, she comes back today, yesss!!  She had to go to Virginia, and I wasn’t able to go because of work.  I decided I would get our tree down, yes the big giant 12 feet tall tree from the attic, and have it up so we could decorate when she returns.  Well, this, along with Alexa playing Christmas songs all evening, got me into the Christmas spirit–and I wanted more nutcrackers!  AMAZON.COM please!!

I scrolled through the Kurt Adler nutcrackers and found the perfect one for my wife.  A 12 inch tall gingerbread chef!  Complete with gingerbread cookies and candies along the platform.  Ah, she will love it!  I must get it.  So I did!

Later that night we were talking on the phone.  I told her that I bought her something that she may like.  She replied with, “I got you something too.”  We shared.  Wow!  On the same day she also jumped onto Amazon and purchased a nutcracker for me!  Aww, I love you babe.

Both the nutcrackers arrived on the same day, so I had to pose them and post them!  Cuteness overload?  Perhaps.  But maybe it’ll bring you all some Holiday Cheer!

Happy holidays everyone, and remember, the holidays are supposed to be fun.  So make them fun.  Please don’t get stressed like most people I know.  Traffic, lines, and overspending.  Be smart!  Don’t overspend, and use your time wisely.  SHOP ONLINE!!!  I prefer Amazon and it’s two-day free delivery.  Just click the nutcracker below to get to his shop!