Cutting the Cord

Yep.  We cut the cord.  Two reasons.  We are trying (emphasis on TRYing) to minimalize; and cable/satellite is well…silly.  Think about the service, the business model.  Who really watches ALL those channels?  But you can’t cut any of them, they are there, and the consumer pays for them.  Enough of that, you already know that.  So what are we going to do?  Not watch any television?  Of course not.  For Christmas we got an Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote.  My wife hooked it up yesterday.  We are planning to look into SLING.  It’s an app through your Smartv that lets you pick and choose which channels you want.  I mean, when you go to the grocery store, they don’t just give you a full basket and you have to get everything.  You get to pick and choose.  So shouldn’t it be the same for your entertainment packages?!  We already have Amazon Prime and Netflix.  So basically we were paying $200 a month to watch Jeopardy.  I’ll miss Jeopardy.  Hopefully it’s on YouTube!

 My first call with DirecTv to cancel did not go well.  After saying my name and phone number to eight, yes EIGHT different people, I was told that, “Our systems are down and we can’t do that  (access your account to cancel) right now.”  I promptly told them, “Well, I will just stop paying and when you call me I won’t have to be put on hold seven different times.  I’m sure your systems will work then.”  And I hung up.

 Originally, I wanted to cancel my DirecTv and keep the internet service that I already have with the AT&T/DirecTv company.  However, after that painful phone exchange, I logged on to  They will be here Monday to install new internet service.  Once that is installed, I am cancelling all my services with AT&T/DirecTv.  They could’ve had $70 a month from me, but instead they go from $210 to ZERO!

If you want to watch or listen to the cancellation call with DirecTv, it’ll be posted on my YouTube channel (Pajama Players).  It should be good!

Anyone else out there that has ditched their cable?  I would love to hear from you.  Like it better?  Miss it?  Let me know!!