Cruising and Artwork

My first post, ah what to say?  My ‘about’ page says enough about me, so I will just dive right in.  We just got back from a FREE 7-day cruise, courtesy of one of many perks from my sweetheart’s career choice.  It was a fantastic time that included stops in Cozumel, Belize, and Honduras.  Belize marked my 10th country, well if you count Aruba, which has to be part of some country.  The last I looked it is considered part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, whatever that means!  I’ll add it, in no particular order, to:  USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, The Bahamas, Honduras, Costa Rica, Aruba, and Australia.  Oh, we have to count Antarctica in 2007.  Not a country, but perhaps the most beautiful scenery in the world!  Go if you get a chance!  Yes, I’ve been to four continents and never to Europe…so sad!  Enough about that.

Cruising for 7-days usually piles up a mountain of a bill on alcohol, gambling, excursions, non-inclusive food, and souvenirs.  Not for us.  We spent less than $100 on these things; for a week!  Most of that was at the arcade having a fun time with my sweetheart’s angel of a son.  BUT….I found the art auction…and my paddle just kept going up, up, up!  The bright side is that in 12 weeks we will have lots of nice art for our new house.  Yeah, I’m kinda excited…ok…a lot excited!

We had a great time, lots of laughs, lots of sun, and lots of molten chocolate cake!  YUM!  While on the trip, I resigned from my job, which was a first for me, and was a very, very difficult decision.  I’ll miss the people I worked with and my customers, but it was time to move on.   I am hoping some of you will follow along here and give me some real estate business.  Just visit my contact page to email me.  Let’s chat later!