Honeymoon 1, 2, & 3

As you all know, last weekend I got married…to the best girl ever (okay, I am a little biased, but really, she is the best!).  Instead of galloping away to any island that is as generic as apple pie, we decided to do a honeymoon trio.  Part one, the pre-honeymoon, was two nights in Vegas.  It was a last minute addition to our other two trips, but we felt the need to escape, if only for a couple days right after our wedding.  it was great!

We stayed at the Palazzo, super nice!  I definitely recommend the place.  Having lived in Vegas for a year, and visited countless times, I am qualified to recommend a hotel.  Palazzo is the best I have stayed in.  The ambiance, the restaurants, the locale…unbeatable!  We had a tasty dinner at the sexy Tao Bistro-well worth it!  But really, who wants to hear about Vegas.  Probably everyone that reads this has been there more than once.  Just stay at the Palazzo, eat at Tao, and have a banana split at Serendipity…end of story.

Part 2:  The honeymoon.  We embark on a journey across the Atlantic in a few weeks.  Two nights in Amsterdam followed by five nights in Budapest.  I can’t wait.  I am more excited for Budapest, but I am definitely having a waffle on the street in Holland–it just sounds like you’re supposed to!  Budapest–ah!  Just looks magical.  The Neo-Gothic architecture, the Art Noveau, the spas, dinner cruises on the Danube, it’s going to be so romantic, so fun, so…just…ahh!

Part 3:  The finale.  To the Far East.  After returning from Europe for the Christmas holidays, we will venture across the other expansive ocean separating us from the rest of the world.  Bali, Siem Reap, and Bangkok.  Why?  Why not!  We have to mix in a beautiful beach..hello Bali!  Then on to Angkor Wat!  It looks so majestically incredible!  Supposedly we will have to rise early, then nap, then venture out at night because it is so hot there…but whatever!  I don’t care!  Something seems so peaceful with cultures of the Orient.  This is why I liked Tao, this is why we have Buddha statues in our house , just peaceful.  I am excited to see it in person, with my beautiful wife.  The experience will last a lifetime.  We threw in Bangkok because it significantly lowered the price of the trip to return from Bangkok–we saved about 35% this way!

I am so very excited to start our journey together, around the world, and through life.  I could live forever just in our house, holding her hand, and I would be content.  Traveling and seeing the world with my wife will be like a fairy tale–complete with castles, rivers, and starry nights.  Pictures will be posted and you will hear of our travels very soon!  Happy holidays everyone!