Inside Out

So, you all know that we purchased our home in April.  And then came the remodel.  New paint from a local painter that we met at Home Depot, and of course we purchased all the paint from Home Depot.  New floors from Spring Carpets.  Thank you Spring Carpets for going above and beyond with your products and service!  Plumbing work from a great friend of mine.  Thanks Wes!  And a giant freestanding slipper tub from Wayfair!  bathroom

And Schlage locks…you were mentioned in a previous post.  Thanks for the great service and product line.  But when would it end?  The answer; probably never!  However, we are on pause.  The inside is done…mostly anyway.  Of course we will always find something we want to do–the guest bath, the laundry room, whatever!  But for now, we are done with the inside.  On to the outside!

This past weekend we decided to spruce up the curb appeal.  After all, it was, to say the least, unappealing.  Scraggly bushes, leaf-covered beds, no definition…gah!  A day’s worth of work and a trip to Lowe’s changed all of that!  We got a great deal on two palm trees to fill a vacant, forgotten land (okay, area) at the front of our house.  With the help, A LOT of help, from Dad we got those planted.  We also added some yellow color to brighten it up a bit.  The sad forgotten beds are now full of compost, flowers, and nicely trimmed bushes.  The trees are now defined with a nice border-ring.  The grass is well fed with fertilizer.  After focusing so much on the inside, we had forgotten the outside!  It’s such a pleasure to drive home now and see our front yard.  Thanks Dad for all your help.  Thanks Lowe’s for the pretty flowers and great deal on the palm trees ($15?!?!).  And Mom, I know you would’ve been here if you had not have let that pesky autumnal cold get you!  You can come help with the back yard!  Lowe’s, feel free to give us Trex decking for the backyard or any plants you want to discard!  That’d be a great wedding present!