It Smells Like Heaven

We parked and made our way across the plaza toward Barnes and Nobles and Cheesecake Factory.  “Want to get our books first?  It shouldn’t take long.” I asked.  “You’ve never seen me in a book store.  It’s the best.  I love it.  It smells like heaven.”  My wife replied.  In we went.  “See.  Smell that?  Isn’t it so good.  The papers.  The new.  The books.”  I had never noticed before.  But yes, it smelled so clean–so smart.  I headed straight to the kiosk to do a search.  She asked, “What are you searching?”  I said nothing and typed in my wife’s name; well, her name before we got married.  W-H-E-T-Z…and a field was populated.  “Sorry babe, your book is out of stock!”  Sure enough, there were two of her books listed, both out of stock.  We laughed a little, and strolled about the store.  We glanced through the games and puzzles, the fancy table with classics all wrapped neatly–you know the ones that aren’t intended to be read but made just for looks.  Yeah, those.  So pretty.  It had been a while since I was in a book store–it was so nice.

We picked up a brain teaser book and headed up stairs to slay our prize:  Moby Dick.  We found it.  Exactly where it should be:  under MEL for Melville.  Two copies.  We grabbed them.  And debated.  “Should we really start with this one?  It’s 600 pages!”  “Well, we have a plane ride to Asia coming up, we can still get them and start with a shorter one.”  “True.”  “Let’s discuss over cheesecake?”  “Mmmm, ok!”

Resolutions, resolutions.  I have never cared for them much.  I think they are misphrased and doomed to fail.  However, goals, on the other hand, are wonderful.  We (my wife and I) have set some goals for 2017.  While 89.6% of the population will head to the gym in January and 97.2% of those won’t be there in February (completely made up numbers), we will be well on our way to completing our tasks.  The hardest:  learn French.  Rosetta Stone has arrived and is begging to be opened.  Or will reading classics like Moby Dick, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Lolita prove to be more difficult?  I am excited for 2017…just like the bookstore…I believe it will smell just like heaven.