Kiss the Bride

Yes, that’s me, with my back turned in the grey suit, leaning in to kiss the lovely lady in a white dress!  Finally.  I had given up; was fully prepared to wander through life with short-term flings sprinkled between a few never-lasting long relationships.  And then it all changed.  In a second.  Like White Rabbit said, “Sometimes [forever is] only a second.”

On Sunday, November 6, forever was sealed with a kiss.  And it made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.  Actually, I am.  I love my wife.  I have fun with her.  I look forward to every single day.  Sometimes we have plans, sometimes we don’t.  But each day, each moment, I treasure.    me-at-the-altar

One of my good friends, the guy in the navy suit, who, after some convincing officiated our wedding, stood with me while my beautiful bride was walked down the aisle.  I watched a movie once.  I forget the name.  It was about weddings.  The main character said when everyone turns around to look at the bride, he looks forward, at the groom.  You can see if he loves her, through his smile, through his eyes.  Well, I have seen several pictures of my self, but never one quite like this one.  My wife says it’s her favorite pic of me.

I was afraid of getting married though.  Not that I had second thoughts or didn’t want to spend forever with my wife…no no no.  I am so happy to wake up with her every morning, conquer new dreams, see new places, and have new experiences.  It’s the best!  I have been asked by several what my favorite thing to do is.  And I never really have an answer…but the answer is, I like to win.  It seems as though I have won.  So now what?  That is what scared me.  Maybe I wouldn’t know what to do next.  Relationships have always been such a struggle, a battle, like I had to win something.  And now, in some proverbial sense, I won.  Kind of like saving the princess on Super Mario…now what?  Well, it’s on to Mario 2 and 3!  I was afraid I would feel like, “That’s it.  I won.”  But I don’t.  I feel like everything is just beginning.  And it all started when I kissed my beautiful bride.  I can’t wait for forever, I just hope it takes a really long time.