LPC Poker Social Media Exec.

Yep!  That’s me.  It’s a startup hoping to gain popularity.  And actually, I think it’s brilliant. But what is it?  It’s a poker training site…strike that…tool…no wait…it’s one-on-one poker talk with someone that can help any beginning player or low-stakes player’s game.  But why?  And how?

The website is www.livepokercoach.com.  But why am i writing about it?  Well, because I’m affiliated in some way or another.  I tweet…occasionally.  Follow us on twitter, @pokercoachlive.  I am helping with the design of the Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/livepokercoach/ .  Ok, maybe I am primarily the FB page designer, and responsible for nearly, ok all, of the content.  The CEO still has to approve what I write though!  Even if it is just random hands that I’ve played this week, or last week, or last month for that matter.  Or the, $1,000 cash giveaway post I was told to add…yeah…go win that!  I wish I was eligible, gah!  I have quite a bit of freedom though, and it’s fun.  Again, how does it work, and why am I writing about it.

Well, first, I am writing because I haven’t posted in a while, nearly a month—gah!  Shame on me.  In my defense, I’ve been busy working–well kind of anyway.  Second, I get a % of the profits okay!  There!  A man has to eat.  Speaking of eat, don’t eat at the steak house at Coushatta in Kinder, LA–may be the worst meal I’ve ever had a couple nights ago.  Ok, back on topic.  So yes, if someone signs up, I get a percentage.  That is, if they access the site via any of my avenues–my blog, Facebook, Twitter, referral…you get the gist.

For my poker friends who play at a higher level, just read on.  Or join if you want, it’s less than a green chip per month, and you guys tip that to the waitress for no reason at all.  So come on.

For those that play recreationally, and are just tired of losing…check it out.  It’s tailor made on an individual basis.  It is very interactive, that’s the beauty of it, that’s the niche.  Yeah, yeah, you can search and find flashier sites that are the same price or a little less. They have libraries of videos by tournament pros, blah, blah.  Once they suck you in, you find out it’s more, WAY more to get any kind of one-on-one…$100s per hour.  LPC is just a green chip per month…so…it’s kind of a no-brainer.  And with the 7-day free trial, you really have nothing to lose.  Most of you that read this, well, if you read this and play poker, you lose more often that you win–most of you…be honest.  And if you are one of those that win, you could win more.  Check it out.  Just click here, or at the link above that I provided.  Oh, and if you sign up, put my name in the referral box, or my blog site, or something relating to me–I would like credit…I mean, after all, I wrote this post in my pajamas, and those weren’t free.  Happy pokering.