March Poker

Hi all.  After a busy travel schedule for the first few months of my game, I have been able to solidify a schedule of hosting on the last weekend of the month.  Yesterday’s game was another success.  Despite not having The Giant (as he was slain last month, read here) or Smooth Pilot, the action was still fast and furious from the start.

It didn’t take long for the live 25 straddle to be implemented; this usually occurs when Bandito is stuck–and he was stuck early.  Luckily for him, and not-so-lucky for the rest of the table, he got it all back over the course of the evening and then some.

Despite having four cancellations and three regulars not in attendance, we were still eight-handed from start to finish (3pm-1am).  There was no HUGE winner like last month, however there were four players than won over a dime each.  This is usually the case in my monthly game, as there is plenty of action and chips to go around.

If you were in attendance, thank you for playing and I hope to see you next month!  If you missed out, come next month.  The next game is on Saturday, April 29.  However, if I have enough interest, an April 8th game is possible!  It’s always a good time–great food, great action, and great fun.  See you next month!