Patience is Free Juice

Two trips to Denny’s in one day, ugh.  Not for me.  I will never eat there.  Not because they have done me wrong in any way, I just really can’t stomach eggs cooked in any fashion (except for baked with sugar, flour and vanilla in the form of a chocolate chip cookie!).  And the other food…not so great.  Let’s face it, there are way better places to eat.  However, in the wee hours of the morning in the midst of a 20 hour poker session, there aren’t all that many choices.  They called in an order and I was lucky enough to be the fetch-and-delivery boy.  I arrive and am greeted by maybe the least intelligent group of people I have ever encountered.  They were dancing and hollering and carrying on; I thought I had walked into a music video filming for BET.  After searching and searching they asked if my name was, “Mr. Scott.”  In my head I was thinking, “No, the order is for Scott, not Mr. Scott, wtf.”  I just agreed and they found my order.  Completely unprofessional, ugh.  I pay with a Fifty for $46 and don’t bother waiting on the change.  I would’ve paid more than $4 to escape the horror show.  Thanks for reminding me why I never go here.

Fast forward six hours into the future.  Again, I get to go to Denny’s to pick up a call in order.  I arrive to a different group of workers.  I am greeted nicely, and they tell me that my order will be ready soon.  I wait.  And I wait.  Then, someone tells me that it’s almost ready.  I wait.  And I wait.  Finally, I walk over to the little bar-like counter and have a seat.  I am waiting patiently, for I am not in a hurry.  I used to always be in a hurry, always in a rush, because I was not happy with life–now I am, and it makes everything seem so much easier.  Someone then comes over and informs me that there was a problem.  Somehow, or another, my order didn’t get relayed to the cook and they are just now starting to cook it.  They are very apologetic and I just keep saying, “It’s ok, no big deal.”  They ask if I want a coffee or a drink while I wait.  I’ve already had about 20 cups of coffee throughout the night, but I do take a glass of grapefruit juice.  I wait patiently while sipping my juice and playing the 2048 app on my iPhone.  My order gets completed, I thank them, they thank me for my patience, and I leave.  The second visit, despite waiting some 30 minutes longer, was much better.  Thank you for being professional.

To workers and businesses:  I understand that problems happen, just handle them the best you can, and treat people like they matter.  To customers:  Be patient, be happy with yourself, and drink the free juice.