Scallops, Sliders, and Duck!

A weird combo is scallops, sliders, and duck.  I mean, who eats duck, really?  My wife-to-be, that’s who!  And of course, duck made the menu for our first meal as newlyweds.  I have to say, i was a bit hesitant.  No no, we aren’t married yet, but soon!  However, we did venture to our wedding venue and try every single item that we are going to have for our guests.  And yes, duck made the cut.  Duck flatbread to be exact.  It’s quite nice actually, nicer than it sounds.  Rounding out the menu are:  scallops, chicken and waffle sliders, burger sliders, and filet mignon skewers.  Yum!

It’s been a process, planning for the wedding.  But not a difficult one at all.  I’ve had fun with everything; from suit shopping, to food tasting, to invitation mailing.  As mentioned in my previous post, we were in Galveston for an art event a couple weekends ago.  A girl there is getting married the day before us.  She told us how much they are spending..umm…why???!!  We are spending 1/60th, that is not a typo, of what she is spending.  That’s just crazy to me!  But, to each their own!  I guess selling art is quite lucrative!  Especially with a couple of suckers like us.

I have had fun with my sweetheart, helping her plan; making the list of invitees, all 36 of them.  Trying on suits, looking for men’s rings, it’s all new to me.  Thirty-five and never married.  I am the happiest I’ve ever been, more than I thought I could be.  My fiancee makes me proud.  I am proud of her.  Her work, her wit, her smile.  I adore everything, and I have from the first day.  She cheers me on, and applauds me.  She shares with me, she helps me, she loves me.  And I, her.  I am not nervous, I am not afraid.  I am happy, I am excited, and I am hungry…hungry for scallops, sliders, and duck!