Schlage–A Company That Gets It!

I haven’t written about any specific brands or products, but I must today.  You see, we have a Schlage lock (pic and link at the bottom of the page) on our backdoor, and we love it.  We can unlock our door from anywhere in the world with a click of a button from our phone, set different keypad codes for each user, and always check to see if we remembered to lock the door.  Wow, we can even set up a program that unlocks the door when our phone is a few miles away!

Well, we could do all that until about a week ago.  The thing went dead. Completely dead!  I thought it was the batteries, but seriously, after just four months?  I put four brand new AA batteries in it, and presto!  Job complete. Then, an hour later it didn’t work.  Dead!  After a few days of fiddle, and a few more days of faddle, I called customer support.  After a few minutes on hold, Patrick greeted me nicely.  He asked me a few questions, and then he said, “I’m sorry to hear that Mr. Moss, that’s very odd.  I will send you another one right away.”  What?!  That’s it?!  Your product broke and you are going to send me a replacement at no charge?  I don’t need a receipt, I don’t need to prove my case?  There is no investigator coming out to see if I’m lying or if I intentionally broke it?  Thank you!  Thank you Schlage for recognizing that people that can afford a $200 lock aren’t the people that terrorize it and try to scam the system.  As much as I hate bad service and bad products, and as much as I get worked up when the workers at XYZ Burger consistently mess up the order, I LOVE great service and great companies even more!

Thank you Schlage for making my day.  And no, Schlage didn’t pay me to write this, they don’t even know I have a blog or that I am promoting their product. But if you have been wanting a lock like this, please go with Schlage!  Great companies deserve our business.

$300 Giveaway Question: How many different countries have I visited? For the purpose of this question, count Aruba as a country and not Antarctica.