Twenty Sixteen

Happy New Year all!  For some, Jan 1 marks a day of reflection. For some, hope. For others, reset. Just hit the CTRL ALT DEL because last year sucked. That used to be me. Not today.

I cannot imagine how 2017 can be better than 2016.  I scroll through Facebook and see so much negativity from some of my “friends.”  Not all. But some. Negative memes, negative this or that. Bitching about how life sucks. I get it. I do. But stop. Change. Change starts with you. Be happy with you. And everything will follow.

I was asked what my happiest moment in 2016 was. Wow. So many.  I think the happiest moment in 2016 was the very moment that I was asked that question. It made me reflect on the past year and see that I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t mad.  For nearly 100% of the year, I was happily at peace. Sure, there was a day (or two) I wanted to strangle Directv.  There was a moment of aggravation when the headliner in my car decided to act as a sombrero for my head. I am not, by any means, immune to a “bad day.”  But when I was asked that question, I realized I had a bucketful of happy moments. Buckets and buckets of them!

Twenty Sixteen saw me get married. Undoubtedly one of the happiest moments of the year. Twenty Sixteen took me to Europe and its Christmas markets.  It saw me buy a house and remodel with sweetheart (that was a fun, gigantic whale of a task!).  It took me to the high seas where I resigned from a job I had once loved and then loathed. But most importantly, Twenty Sixteen gave me happy, gave me peace, and gave me love.

The real answer to that “happiest moment” question:  the day I brought my wife’s engagement ring home. She was in Virginia. I was alone at home. I brought it home and looked at it. I just stared. And smiled. And put it in the safe. And waited. A few months later I was just as happy when we were married.

Thank you Twenty Sixteen, you were awesome. I will not be hitting CTRL ALT DEL, but maybe CTRL C/CTRL V…because if I can copy and paste you, I’ll take it!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope your 2017 is as grand as my 2016!