Two Weeks, No Longer an Ant

Two weeks ago I started this blog, and two weeks ago I left my sales job of 5 1/2 years.  How do I feel?  Do I think it was wise?  What do I do now?  Let’s dive in.

I feel happier, relieved, not as stressed.  My job wasn’t all that stressful, but the atmosphere felt so tense, like you could cut the tension with a knife.  I have more time for play, more time for family (mostly with my dad working on my garage, or taking my mom for Brazilian food, yum!), more time to spend with my sweetheart.  I can sleep in and take time with a cup of coffee instead of bursting out the door to join the other one million drivers inching along the highway.  This is something that I never understood, and probably never will.  Why does everyone go to work at the exact same time?  I’ll address my rant about this in another post.  To summarize, how do I feel in a word?  Elated.


Was it wise?  I think so.  I am always worried financially.  I haven’t been broke for some time, but I remember what it felt like.  I remember not being able to eat what I wanted, having to watch the prices at the grocery store, having to stay home because of gas.  I do not ever want to be like that again.  I still make plenty of money to live, and have people in my life that support my decisions and cheer for me to make it.  This helps immensely. Being happier makes it wise.  So, I will say yes.

So now what?  No job equals no money and one can only live off savings for so long.  I still have sources of income that are more than enough to pay bills, save for retirement, and enjoy life.  I do have to budget a little more, but am in the process of a few new business ventures.  One is directly related to this blog, so please, if you shop Amazon, click the Amazon link on my homepage to get to Amazon.  Or, most of the time at the bottom of each post, is an item related to the post that will take you to Amazon.  I get a percentage of anything you purchase once hitting my link!  So help please!  Another is house flipping, which we haven’t started yet, but plan to very soon.  Also, if you are interested in investing, just contact me.  We weren’t really looking for investors in our house flipping business, but several have approached us and we will be taking that route.

The purpose of this post was to let you know that you get one life.  Silly, I know. Everyone already knows that.  But please don’t live to work.  Don’t be stuck at something you don’t like, inching along the freeway at 25mph like ants while the queen reaps the benefits.  Take control and live!  Since I quit my job, I have booked two trips and another is in the works!  You can do it!  Those that love you will love that you made yourself happier, and they will root for you.  Thanks to all those that root for me and help me along the way, you are all the best.