#Visit Stillwater

So here we are. Somewhere I have never envisioned myself to be.  Stillwater, Oklahoma; home of Oklahoma State University and the world famous Eskimo Joe’s. But why?  Why am I here?

Well, my lovely wife’s career path is quirky. It has its oddities and perks. Being here is both!

A free weekend getaway to the prairie. A small college town gets even smaller when school is out. We were greeted by the most warm tourism staff I’ve ever met. Next we were shown to our hotel, the beautiful Atherton Hotel located on the OSU campus. After a short nap after a long travel day, Eskimo Joes!  Absolute t-shirt and hoodie wonderland!  A signature order of cheese fries and a shake later, we were ready for bedtime!

Today we got a private tour of their promotional production facility. It’s crazy how they make so many shirts at once. They gave us a free gift bag too!  So cool!

After the tour, we went to breakfast. Oh my!  Granny’s Kitchen!  Huge portions at a very low price!  Tonight we have steak. Tomorrow is the original Polar Express train ride!  It’ll be fun for sure.  But we will need to wear ALL our clothes, as it will be less than 10 degrees tonight!

Over the summer, we got a free cruise!  If you follow along then you’ve already read of it. Now a free getaway to Stillwater. I am so proud of you babe. You work hard to get us these experiences. Thank you so much. And thank you, Stillwater tourism, for your great hospitality.